Friday, October 28, 2011


             I have an idea for podcasting as using it as an opportunity to learn about other cultures and locations, as well as for students to teach about life where they live.  Students can podcast about their classroom/neighborhood, as well as watch other student’s podcasts from around the world.  I actually developed and got really excited about this idea before I saw that someone else had the same thought process and mentioned it in the book reading.  However, I think that it is valuable enough of a project to still use and develop it!

            One of my favorite applications of new technology is that it can bring other cultures to life right in front of us.  We can have a true understanding of how others live that is much more vibrant and meaningful than if we just read about it in a textbook.  I think having this knowledge shapes us in to a well-rounded person, and so it is quite important to teach students at an early age.  Because this project involves students from all over the world, it is going to require some global collaboration.  As an instructor, I am going to have to develop some way to get teachers from other countries interested and on board.  But with all the amazing resources available today, somehow I don’t feel that it is an impossible task!

            The students can select have specific topics to podcast about.  For example: the food their family makes, holiday traditions, daily routine, their neighborhood, how they interact with your siblings, etc.  What seems too monotonous and normal to them might be completely eccentric to someone watching this podcast across the world, so nothing is too ‘boring’ to talk about.  I also really want to focus on images, because actually seeing something is what can really bring it to life.  Therefore, the students should be instructed on creating a screen podcast, not just an audio.  For example, the students should include pictures of their house, backyard, school, playgrounds, and grocery store.  I think the students will be amazed to see how different even small things like this are across the world.

            As a side note, I had never even heard of QR codes until I learned about them in class this semester, and now I am seeing them absolutely everywhere!  I don’t know how I missed them for so long, since they’ve been literally under my nose!  Now I just have to get an iphone so I can start actually using them! 

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  1. Hey Jillian, great minds think alike. I still love your idea and think it would work. Like you say, getting educators on board throughout the world is so much easy with today's tech tools. You might try and find out if there is a twitter hashtag for international educators and see what they are talking about.

    Since QR codes are really just the sophisticated cousins of barcodes, I can understand how you missed them :-)