Friday, November 18, 2011

Cyberbullying Prevention

An event promoting Cyberbullying prevent for Middle School/High School students and their parents.

WELCOME TABLE:  When the attendees arrive they will receive a schedule detailing the events for the day. 

            Throughout the event there will be a large, wall-sized blank poster for all to fill by the end of the event.  This symbolizes that we all need to collaborate and come together on this serious issue.  Attendees can write reflections, words of encouragement, poems, inspirational quotes, draw images, etc having to do with cyberbullying.  The completed poster will then be displayed somewhere prominent in the public.   

PRE-EVENT: Young students will be playing acoustic background music while slides showing pictures and very short blurbs about people who have been affected by Cyberbullying are shown on a large screen.  For example, a picture and brief information about Jamey Rodemeyer will be displayed.  This is for the goal of making the problem of cyberbullying feel more real and relevant by showing pictures of real people. 

            Next, students will perform a dramatic and poignant skit about cyberbullying in order to make this problem more prevalent in many people’s minds, due to the fact that cyberbullying is so detached for many.  This will make it more real because they will be able to visualize it.  As part of the skit, the actor portraying the victim will perform a monologue in which he expresses his feelings and reactions. 

MAIN EVENT:  The clip of Ellen Degeneres speaking against cyberbullying will be played to have an authority celebrity figure, which may be significant to some students.    (

            A motivational speaker will present who focuses on the damaging effects of cyberbullying, but also targets how to help the victims of abuse. 

            There will then be a portion of audience participation:
            -The audience compiles a list of what is considered cyberbullying, so that students are aware if they might be a victim or an abuser. 
            -The audience will then compile ideas for how to make positive cyberexperiences/relationships. 

            A closing comment will be given by a student who has had a personal experience with cyberbullying so they can talk about how it directly affected them. 

            Everyone who leaves this event will receive a anti-cyberbullying button which they can wear to raise awareness for this issue. 


  1. Did you come up with this, Jillian?? I think it's wonderful! The issue of bullying needs to be taught about in much more innovative ways, I agree. Also, love the poster idea and sharing it with the community afterwards. :)

  2. What a well-thought out event proposal where each aspect lends to an overall memorable event and message. Like Erin, I think that the collaborative poster is a wonderful way to tie it all together at the conclusion! I hope you get to put this idea into action in your own library soon enough.