Friday, September 23, 2011


In reference to my last post, I did some thinking about ways to help as a teacher in an inner-city school.  While I don’t think any of these ideas are going to change the world, at least it is a starting point.   

-Take the time to actually talk to the students as a friend; not as a teacher.  Actually take the time (after school) to make an investment in their lives; ask them about what is going on in their life- so I can discover what their needs are.

-Find ways to relate and form a relationship based on mutual excitement on something.  For example, discover what books/media/games are exciting to them and actually learn about those things.  Be able to carry a conversation about those items.  Even if they aren’t items that I love- learn about them anyway and be able to get excited because they are excited!

-Build off of those things that they love.  For example, if ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ is what will get them to read, that is what projects/lessons will have to be based around.  It is important to get creative with lesson plans.  I’m starting to think that it is not worth it to stick to standard, typical lesson plans if they are utterly unrelatable for the students.  I’ll lose their attention immediately.  But if I can peak their interest with something they care about, or with an unconventional lesson plan…then there is a start!    

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