Thursday, September 29, 2011

RSS Feeds

For IST 611:
This surprised me; I ended up loving the RSS feel on Google Reader.  I heard about RSS feeds for the first time in my 511 class, was skeptical, and after a failed attempt at setting one up, decided RSS feeds were not for me.  Apparently I was wrong.  I love having all that information there at my fingertips.  I feel like I am up to date on what is happening, and I can already anticipate the time this will save.  While I feel that the concerns that were posted in the readings that RSS feeds are becoming irrelevant are valid, I personally see great potential in these feeds.  I think that the RSS feed ought to be here to stay…especially if blogging is going to become more prevalent in the classroom setting!   The easiest and most efficient way to keep track of classmate’s new posts is through an RSS feed. 

I’m currently busy trying to come up with more websites to add to my RSS feed… 

I really like the idea of using blogs in the school community as an expression of ideas and creativity.  Young students have really great, inventive ideas- and a blog would be a non-threatening environment for them to explore and voice those ideas.  They might also feel more comfortable writing in a blog because this is their own space- they can design it and personalize it to fit who they are.  Some of the blog entrees can be course-related (responses to readings, assignments, questions, interactions during class, etc) but I also feel that it is very important to give students an opportunity post about whatever is pressing on their mind at that moment.  This way, the blog will actually be a creative outlet personalized for each student, and in the process they will be developing and hopefully taking pride in their own voice.  This could also be an ideal way for students to start brainstorming about papers/stories/projects for school.  Anything to get those creative minds working!    


  1. I like the fact that RSS is organized. It's the reason I prefer it over Twitter.
    Do you think Twitter will end RSS?

  2. Excellent point about students getting to personalize their blog to make it their own. They are likely to enjoy sharing their voices more when they don't feel so regimented. What do others think about this post.

  3. Jillian,
    I also feel RSS feeds are very useful because they are so organized and it's so nice to have everything in one place!
    I like your idea of having a hybrid school related/ personal blog so that students can use their blog for educational purposes but also learn how to be a responsible digital citizen and use it for personal writing as well.

  4. Jon,
    It is my hope that Twitter will not end RSS for the very reason you mentioned! In my opinion, RSS is far more organized and easy to follow, and I would hate to see that lost!

  5. I like the fact you brought up about blogs providing a less intimating environment for many students to voice their ideas. I agree with this is many aspects and I think it is the approach I would take in the situation, however I have one hesitation. I have a worry that we will become a society that doesn't speak out to one another vocally, just passively through writing. Just a thought, I've seen it before.