Friday, September 9, 2011

Starting out on a Journey

When I first started telling people I was going into Library Science, one of the first responses I received was ‘Why?  Isn’t that just checking out books all day?’  It was a little disheartening, especially because I had no quick-witted answer to retort back.  I knew librarians did more than that; I had spent enough time in libraries since I was a child to figure that out- but I wasn’t really sure what it was that they did.  So my frantic search was to discover what it is that actually makes someone a librarian, so I would have a legitimate answer next time someone questioned my career path.
One of the lines that stuck with me from the first class was, ‘What makes you a librarian is your mission.  It is what you want to accomplish.’  What a relief that is!  I don’t have to run around frantically in search of what makes someone else a librarian in order to justify my career decision; I can figure out what it means to me- and feel proud of that decision because it belongs to me.  I also don’t necessarily feel the pressure of a time constraint to determine that mission anymore…I think of it more as a journey.  I don’t have the answer yet, but I’m excited to start taking that journey!  And I’m taking pride in it too!            

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